Category: Security

Dec 02, 2013

IT Security 101 for Business

Note: This article is featured in TCBN’s December 2013 issue.    Protecting your organization against IT security risks is becoming increasingly important in today’s business climate. Instances of malware and cyber intrusion are more sophisticated and widespread than ever before. You only need to look to the media to find examples. Corporate giants like Visa, JCPenney, […]

Nov 05, 2013

MI Aims To Combat Cybercrime

I recently attended the Michigan Cyber Summit 2013 in Novi, MI. The event was great example of how the government and corporations partnering to help combat IT security threats. At the event, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder unveiled a new volunteer IT force, the Cyber Civilian Corps, a group charged with helping the state respond to cyber […]

Oct 31, 2013

Use Caution with USB Drives

USB drives are popular for storing and transporting data, but some of the characteristics that make them convenient also introduce security risks. One option is for attackers to use your USB drive to infect other computers. An attacker might infect a computer with malicious code, or malware, that can detect when a USB drive is […]

Oct 16, 2013

Phone Apps and IT Security

Think before you app – understand what information, such as  location and social network accounts, the app would access and share…before you download it to your phone. Phones can contain tremendous amounts of personal information. Lost or stolen devices can be used to gather information about you and potentially, others. Protect your phone like you […]