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Pricing for Safety Net Managed Services

Our managed services start at $2,000 per month, tailored to suit various factors including the number of IT systems and sites we manage, the scale of support required, and your specific service needs. While this baseline serves as a starting point, we understand that each business is unique. Therefore, our pricing structure is flexible and customizable to align precisely with your individual requirements.

Safety Net’s managed IT services are a great fit for organizations that prioritize efficiency, security, and using technology to gain a competitive edge. If you have 15 or more employees and are ready to take your IT support to the next level, read on! Safety Net’s Your Net managed services are available in two forms: fully managed or co-managed. All packages and pricing below are based on fully managed service offerings. Co-managed is often approximately 20-40% less and is intended for organizations with an internal IT resource that provides local deskside PC support to its employees. Check it out:

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Summary of
Fully Managed IT Services

Your Net Standard
Starting at
Your Net Enhanced
Starting at
Your Net Compliance
Starting at

Unlimited Remote Service Desk Support

After-hours Support for Critical Issues

On-demand Reporting

Account Management Services & IT Consulting

Proactive Technical Alignment

Business Reviews

24×7 network monitoring

Unlimited On-site Support for Escalated Issues

Security Suite

Antivirus/Endpoint Protection

Web Content Filtering

OS Patching and Monitoring



Security Enhancements

Advanced Threat Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Simulated Phishing Tests

Security Awareness Training

Application & Storage/USB Blocking

Advanced Vulnerability Scanner

Security Information and Event Management

Clients who derive the utmost value from our services are often those who might otherwise need one to two in-house IT professionals. However, we cater to organizations of varying sizes, providing comprehensive coverage and implementing best practices at a significantly lower cost than maintaining an internal IT team.

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At Safety Net, we understand the importance of informed decision-making. That’s why we offer a FREE assessment tailored to your business needs. This assessment empowers you to understand the scope of our services without any upfront commitment. We believe in showcasing our capabilities and aligning our solutions with your business objectives before you make any decisions.

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