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At Safety Net, we want to break the mold of typical IT support. We know that the right solutions are about more than just the right technology; it’s about the right people too. That’s why we approach our work with a personal touch, getting to know your business and your specific needs so we can provide tailored solutions that truly meet your goals.

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Great Businesses Deserve Great IT

Founded in 2003, we’ve always believed great IT requires the right people, processes and tools, plus discipline and a commitment to excellence. Your company deserves enterprise-grade IT services that are affordable, responsive, and outstanding.

What Makes Safety Net Different

We aim to build a great business by helping our clients build great businesses. Together, we’ll provide good jobs for thousands of people in our state and make our communities better. Audacious for an IT firm? Sure. But this is what drives us to do excellent work, day in and day out.

When we’re not in the office, you’ll often find us out and about, contributing time and talents to improve our communities, from monitoring the progress of a fragile bird species (piping plovers, check ‘em out!), to cleaning area biking and hiking trails, or participating in career day at the local high school.

Our IT Experts
Simplify IT Management

Our team of IT experts hone in on providing solutions that help you concentrate on your business goals rather than worry about IT administration and support. Let us help your business run better by providing a highly skilled team and process-driven approach to managing IT systems.

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Great Businesses Deserve Great IT

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