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Managed Services in Michigan

What does it take to achieve Great IT?

Your Net managed services is the whole package businesses need for IT security and reliability. It’s our specialty, and how most clients work with us.

The People

  • Small, Michigan-based teams, organized and specialized by client industry, highly trained and certified. Our hiring process is notoriously tough.
  • Real humans your staff will enjoy interacting with (really!), including a dedicated Fractional CIO and Proactive Network Administrator who come on site regularly.
  • IT Security heavyweights dedicated to protecting your business. (One staff member used to work for the Pentagon, for example.) Our Certified Ethical Hackers are trained to pinpoint vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal might target.
  • Low turnover for the managed IT services industry, so you get consistent people. We work hard to keep it that way by taking care of staff so staff can take great care of you. Yesterday’s Star Wars-themed lunch that made everybody here laugh? When clients reached us that afternoon, they got technicians and engineers in a great mood who made them smile.

The Process
Everything is playbooked, on a checklist, and/or scripted to exacting standards. We’ve spent years honing processes, and we’re still constantly improving them with client feedback. Here are just a few examples:

  • New employee setup – Covered in fine detail so your new employee is up and running as smoothly as possible.
  • Security incident response – Scary, right? Not for us. There are procedures in place for everything from ransomware to when your staff member accidentally clicks on an email attachment that was fraudulent.
  • Technology Health Assessments – An over 200-point checklist (it’s a whopper!) that is critical to meeting standards such as HIPAA, banking audits, PCI – or just running your business with best practices.
  • New Your Net client on-boarding – Initial steps are clearly laid out so you know what’s going to happen and when. We want you to have a smooth experience right from the beginning.


  • Most managed service providers offer some form of 24/7 remote monitoring of your IT systems. Very few invest in perfecting the tools and rigorously updating them like we do! We have staff positions dedicated to auditing and maintaining systems like those that keep current backups of your data to prevent catastrophes.
  • Your Net-managed IT services include automation tools that take care of simple, repetitive tasks. This reduces human error and brings efficiency that makes the cost lower than having internal staff carry these out.
  • A bundle of security tools, monitored and updated with discipline and levels of oversight, provides multi-layered protection from cyber threats. This protects your intellectual property and helps satisfy audit requirements.

Of course, Your Net includes 24/7 IT support that you’d expect from a great managed service provider.

As a bonus, we throw in executive reports with dashboards and gauges so you can track the health of your IT systems in just a minute each month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Your Net starts at $1,500 per month. It is based on several factors, including how many IT systems and sites we’d manage and how many people we’d support. The clients who see the most value are those who might otherwise need one to two IT people on their staff (though we can, and do, handle larger). We can typically provide better coverage and implement best practices for a significantly lower cost than an internal hire.

We have learned that it takes all of these things (People, Processes and Tools) to have everything run well and adequately protect a business from security threats that become more sophisticated every year. For instance, it isn’t enough to implement a firewall and then not look at it for a year. Properly managed IT services take constant diligence. Some of our clients have existing people who fill some of these needs. In those cases, we do custom arrangements.

Our model is not staff placement or contract-to-hire. Sometimes Your Net managed services do augment internal staff. For example, some clients have staff members dedicated to specific internal application development and database administration. We manage everything else for them. Chat with us about what you need. (We promise not to hound you forever.) If we’re not a fit, we’ll try to put you in touch with a provider who is.

You might be surprised! Our staff laugh and have fun, but most of the time, they’re really focused. As for culture, we like the philosophy of former Netflix executive Patty McCord, who said “The best thing you can do for employees – a perk better than foosball or free sushi – is hire only ‘A’ players to work alongside them.”

If you have a current arrangement with a managed service provider, we suggest 30-60 days before that contract ends, though we’re glad to start a conversation anytime. If you are expecting turnover within your internal IT staff, reach out to us as soon as possible. If we determine together that Your Net is a fit for your company, we know what needs to be done to plan for a smooth transition.


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