Apple iOS and OS X Security Flaw Found

Apple_gray_logo Sometimes, there really is a bad apple. The media was a flurry this week because a major security flaw was identified with encrypted communications on iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices and computers. True, Apple has recently released an update to fix this vulnerability for both their mobile operating system and OS X for desktops. However, their reputation has certainly suffered from this snafu.

This flaw affects the operating systems iOS 6 and higher and OS X versions 10.9 and higher. The exploit targets your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TSL (Transport Layer Security) connection, the encryption behind the little padlock in your browser window that you see when visiting webmail or banking sites. The browser knows you’re really talking to the correct site because it’s verified its SSL or TSL certificate. The failure in Apple’s code means Secure Transport isn’t checking the certificates properly, so a cybercriminal could masquerade as your banking site, email, etc. and gain access to your sensitive information.

To fix this Apple iOS and OS X security flaw, you need to install Apple’s new update and do so from a trusted network. This will address the vulnerability and provide a number of other fixes and features. Here are instructions on how perform the updates for mobile and desktop.

So, the Apple crowd can no longer say they are not prone to security bugs.  No matter what operating system you use, please use common sense when using the internet. It can be a dangerous place, but if you navigate with knowledge and awareness, you’re more likely to stay secure.

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