Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Security Flaw: What You Should Know

ie Microsoft warned customers over the weekend that a vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser (Versions 6-11) could allow hackers to gain access to their computers. According to available information, this security flaw is being exploited on Adobe Flash-driven websites.

As of this morning, Microsoft has not announced when fixes will be available for download. We recommend using another web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, while this vulnerability exists.

However, you may not want to set this alternate browser as your default. Some companies use web-based applications that are dependent on specific versions of Internet Explorer. Establishing an alternate browser as your default has the potential to cause problems.

If you still have Windows XP computers, Microsoft ceased supporting your operating system in April and no longer provides updates, such as an IE fix. We recommend replacing your XP computers or using another web browser.

Our blog will provide you with another update on this security issue when new information becomes available from Microsoft. Moving forward, if your computer prompts you for Microsoft updates, you should apply them.

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