Release of New Microsoft Security Updates

Microsoft Cyber security awareness has been at a heightened level this year, not only in the media, but at Safety Net as well. This week, Microsoft made an announcement about new vulnerabilities discovered in their operating systems and associated software. These are not as critical as other security flaws that we’ve provided updates on in the past, and we’ve not seen much press about them. However, these new Microsoft security updates do need to be addressed.

For more information about this latest Microsoft security release, click here.

Safety Net is handling the approval and distribution of the necessary Microsoft security patches for our managed service (Your Net) clients. Some updates may require an Internet browser upgrade, which has the potential to cause issues with some web-based software. We’ve contacted the appropriate software vendors to determine if there could be any issues. The majority have indicated that these updates should not affect their application.

Sometimes unforeseen issues can be encountered with updates. We will do our best to mitigate any potential problems, while applying these updates to help keep our managed service clients secure.

If you have questions or encounter issues potentially related to these updates, please contact our Support Team.