Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our thoughts are with those who are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are doing all we can to flatten the curve and encourage you to do the same.  In a time when we’re surrounded by difficult news, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the good around us, too.

Success despite COVID-19

Satisfied clients.  That’s always our goal.  Everything we do is driven by the desire for excellence.  COVID-19 put us to the test – and we’re proud to say we passed!

98.5% satisfaction As many of our clients transitioned to remote work, we saw a 34% increase in service tickets from one week to the next.  Hundreds of people were setting up a home office and connecting to their company’s network remotely for the first time.  In a matter of days, our environments changed drastically, and the need for our support increased dramatically, but some things remained constant – our people, processes, and tools.  In one of our busiest months ever, we earned a 98.5% client satisfaction rating!

 Stay connected

At Safety Net, we’re like a family – the kind that actually enjoys spending time together – so this transition has been tough.  This quarantine has helped us realize the importance and meaning of day-to-day interactions that we may have taken for granted in the past.  34 of 35 Safety Net associates are in our 6th week of working from home.  One lone warrior is holding down the physical fort – accepting shipments, checking the mail, and facilitating contact-free drop-offs and pickups for urgent client needs.

We’ve become experts in using Microsoft Teams to stay connected.  Whether it’s via chat, a video call, or a group meeting with shared screens – we’re regularly in (virtual) touch.  During our first Safety Net Spirit Week, we encouraged each other to get out of PJs and into something that aligned with a daily theme.  At the end of each week, we laugh together during a virtual happy hour.  Our connections have changed shape, but they’re as strong as ever.

Support during COVID-19

In our own ways, we are helping one another through a really strange time.  It’s honestly not too surprising, as we tend to be a supportive group!  What wasn’t quite as expected is how much strength and inspiration we’re drawing from our clients.  In a recent chat session, a member of our Support Services Group said “Talking to clients about my cat walking across my keyboard and their kids wanting to play drums in the background makes this easier.  They make me laugh.  Laughter in a time of crisis is the best medicine.”

Thank you for supporting us as we support you.