Office 365

Office 365

Is Office 365 cloud-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? Yes. Is it a cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange? Yes. Is it a different way to buy locally installed versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint? Yes. Is it cloud-based file storage? Yes, it can be that, too. Office 365 can be packaged up with whichever components you need.

Safety Net has performed dozens of migrations for organizations big and small, from 2 to 500+ mailboxes. Clients achieve the following benefits:

There is almost always a cost savings over upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Spam and anti-malware filtering is included.  We’ve found it’s as good or better than other leading solutions.

You only need an internet connection.  Microsoft handles ensuring services are available, and they have a very good track record.  No more worrying about the Exchange server going offline and not having email for a day.

It’s Seamless.  End users can’t tell the difference.  Their same Windows usernames and passwords can be synced, to avoid forcing them to remember yet another set of credentials.

Microsoft offers enhanced functionality options like email archiving and encryption.

Teams is an excellent communication and collaboration toolset. It includes presence awareness (is the user at their computer, in a meeting or away), instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file transfer, and more.  Implementing this powerful tool used to be relatively complex and cost-prohibitive, thus only larger organizations could usually justify it.  Now it’s available for another one dollar per user once email has been moved over. If you’re like our staff, you’ll wonder how you operated without it, especially if you have people in multiple offices.

Whether via an Intranet portal (SharePoint) or individual file sharing and synchronization (OneDrive), companies can leverage the same common benefits of having files in the cloud.

Let’s Dive In!

Here are some informative (occasionally fun!) videos – quick clips with helpful hints, as well as in-depth demos – that offer a look inside the tools available with Office 365.  

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