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Wannacry Ransomware Update

by Jenni May 15, 2017 in Blog Copy Link

WannacryIf you follow the news, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Wannacry. This ransomware has affected over 200,000 individuals and organizations worldwide. The vast majority are in Europe and Asia.

Wannacry takes advantage of a Windows operating system (OS) vulnerability. Luckily, Safety Net had already pushed out a Microsoft patch during our regular maintenance windows for managed services (Your Net) clients. Symantec also automatically applied a fix.

Safety Net is pleased to announce that there are no infections detected or reported among our Your Net clients. We proactively ran full scans on various systems to be certain.

Wannacry enters through email and spreads via a former hole in the Windows OS. We believe the combination of good spam filtering and regular system updates prevented it from being an issue for our clients.

This outbreak is a good example of why diligent maintenance of multi-layered protection (antivirus, patches, spam filtering, firewalls, and user education) is so important.


Executive Assistant & Communications Specialist

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