Safety Net Spotlight: Network Engineers

network engineers A few months ago, our blog introduced you to several roles in the Support Services team at Safety Net that help to provide great service to you, our great clients! This time, we’re focusing on our network engineers, who are part of the Deployment group. This team of professionals has worked hard to get where they are, and others often look to them for mentorship and guidance.

The network engineers are some of the busiest members of our staff, yet they find the time to continue to learn and gain expertise in emerging IT fields and new technology. You can think of them like members of the U.S. Olympic swim team (without the controversy). Most of our engineers specialize in one or two races, like the Backup Butterfly or the (SonicWALL) Firewall Freestyle, but when their team needs them, they put on their Michael Phelps cap and are capable of most anything.

Our network engineers jump in on support requests when the need or level of access required is higher than our Support Services team. In addition, network engineers at Safety Net are project managers. They serve as consultants during the design phases, such as for a client’s expansion into a new building and all the equipment, configuration and planning that requires. Then they approve the specifications and project plan before a proposal is prepared for submission to a client.

From that point on, network engineers keep up with expected delivery dates to accurately schedule, and handle the setup and installation of network switches, firewalls, servers, security programs, and more. Many high-level processes in a project require several smaller steps to be completed first. Delegating some of those steps to deployment technicians or network administrators affords network engineers the opportunity to oversee project plans with attention to the details.

Not only do they coordinate and manage projects and provide complex technical support, but Safety Net network engineers are well-versed in deciding on a restaurant for our traditional Friday lunch outings, too (and the invites are epic). If you ever need to know the best Thai place in town, you know who to ask!