Top Signs You Need an MSP

MSP Today’s businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. As it grows in complexity, companies are challenged to successfully manage their tech. For many organizations, the right answer lies in outsourcing some or all of their IT. A managed service provider (MSP) will assume the responsibility for a defined set of technology services for a client. Here are some key indicators that you may benefit from the use of an MSP.

No In-House IT Staff

If you rely on technology but you don’t have an in-house IT staff, you probably spend at least part of your week trying to resolve technology issues by searching the Internet or referencing manuals. Your time is better spent on improving your business and developing strategy. Perhaps it’s time to leave the IT tasks to someone with more experience and knowledge.

Complex or Frequent Tech Problems

If your technology hums along with no issues, you are the exception. Most companies experience frequent IT issues. Upgrades, bug fixes, integrations, backups, disaster recovery, and cyber security are only a handful of IT tasks that arise on a regular basis. If you haven’t upgraded your tech in years and you’re not positive about the last time you backed up your valuable business data, it’s time for an MSP who can provide peace of mind.

Trouble Prioritizing IT Purchases

Technology changes constantly. Some new offerings may improve your business, others may not be necessary but would be nice to have, and believe it or not, some new technology won’t even add a few pennies to your bottom line! If you don’t know which new technology falls into each bucket, an expert can help.

Limited IT Budget

If you don’t have the budget to employ qualified IT staff or to keep up with ever-changing technology education, an MSP may offer a more affordable alternative. You may think of utilizing an MSP as an expense, but having a wide variety of IT expertise available to you is really an investment in your company’s future and success. An MSP is almost always less expensive than staffing the equivalent skills in-house.

No IT Strategy

If you don’t have a long-range IT strategy or know what your technology will look like in five years, you need outside expertise. Without proper tech knowledge, it can be easy to fall into the trap of buying the “quick fix” rather than the best solution. The up-front costs of different options can sometimes be similar, but the scalability, interoperability, extensibility or modularity of one choice may make it a better long range decision. Don’t waste money on short term solutions when an MSP can help guide you to the right solution to support your growth.

If any of these indicators are present within your business, contact us to learn how our managed services can help.