Security Alert – Firefox Bug

Firefox bug This week, we’ve seen several instances of the Trojan.kotver virus infecting client computers. This infection is caused by an unpatched vulnerability in Mozilla’s Firefox browser. If a user browses to a compromised website, they may receive a pop-up window asking them to install a critical update. This is actually the Firefox bug prompting for an install.

Current virus prevention tools cannot prevent Trojan.kotver virus. Once a computer is infected, it is difficult to remove the virus, and often requires the compromised computer to be reformatted.

Many companies have the Firefox browser installed in their IT environment, making them potentially vulnerable. Until Mozilla introduces a patch for Firefox, we recommend you use alternative browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Current reports indicate that a patch should be available in the next 30 days.

For any additional questions on the Firefox bug, please feel free to contact us.