Can Your Backup Plan Protect Against These Common Threats?

backup plan Every business understands the importance of having good backups in place for critical IT systems, but not every company has taken the time to create a comprehensive backup plan. Here are common threats to your business data that every plan should address.

Natural Disaster

Your business doesn’t have to be located near an earthquake fault or on the coast to be threatened by natural disasters. Fires, floods and more can cause damage to your IT systems and data – no matter where you are located. If your backup data is stored onsite or even nearby, it could be destroyed. Offsite backup in a distant, secure location is your best line of defense against natural disasters.

Human Error

Nobody’s perfect. People make mistakes even at the best of times. Throw in heavy workloads, inadequate training, or a moment’s distraction, and it’s a good bet your backup could be compromised at least some of the time.

Hardware Failure

Your team may do everything right, every day, but even that can’t protect you from unexpected, catastrophic hardware failures. If your last backup was a week or a month ago and your equipment fails, you’ll face the long, drawn out, difficult project of trying to recreate your most current, vital information.

Security Breach

No organization, from the largest corporation to any small or midsize business, is completely safe from security breaches. Phishing, denial of service, ransomware, and many other forms of cybercrime target companies of every size.

Your best defense against common IT threats is to have a thorough backup plan. Consider working with IT professionals to develop your plan. Putting the plan through its paces at regular intervals will ensure it’s working as expected and your data is as safe as can be.