Top Business Productivity Apps

business productivity apps Smart companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve user productivity. In today’s mobile workplace, apps go a long way toward helping workers solve problems and streamline tasks. Here are six of the top business productivity apps around.


This handy tool runs on PCs, Macs and portable devices. It allows you to create and share notes, images, and so much more. It’s ideal for people on the go, because notes are instantly available on all your devices and it lets you share your info with others. The best part is its search capability, which keeps all your notes organized and easy to find.

Google Drive 

With Google Drive, you can collaborate on documents, presentations, spreadsheets—all of the standard document types. Users can update, change or comment on documents, while having the option to revert to prior versions at any time. The comment feature sends notifications to all contributors, allowing for almost real-time collaboration.


GoToMeeitng offers easy video conferencing, document sharing and whiteboarding without the hassle of archaic video conferencing. You can add meeting invitations right to your calendar and record sessions for people who can’t attend. GoToMeeting is available on mobile devices and tablets as well as PCs and Macs.


Rallying people around a project and keeping everyone on the same page is already tough enough. BaseCamp simplifies project management and makes collaboration easy. Features like message boards, real-time chat, automatic check-ins, to-do lists, centralized scheduling, and document storage keep projects on track.


Stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding topics of interest for your business with Feedly. This app consolidates information from all over the web on a single, easy-to-read page, and works well on any device.


End the struggle to remember passwords by using this password manager. The free version manages passwords on a single device while the paid version manages them across all your devices.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s face it, there are plenty more business productivity apps to be found. Here are few others worth mentioning:

  • Expensify  — quick expense reporting
  • SwiftKey  — simplifies typing with a smart keyboard that adapts to you
  • Stayfocusd — a Chrome extension that restricts the time you can spend on specified websites like Facebook or eBay