Six Fastest Ways to Ruin Smartphones

ruin smartphones We spend a lot of time and money on our smartphones, so it makes sense to take good care of them. These devices house vital information for our work and personal lives, yet many people treat them carelessly. Here are the top six ways to ruin smartphones:

1. Failure to Protect from Malware

Malware isn’t just for PCs anymore — it’s everywhere, including smartphones. Installing apps, web browsing, and simply reading emails can sometimes lead to malware infection. By adding respected malware protection to your phone, you have added a line of defense against these ever-present threats.

2. Using Too Much Memory

When your phone’s operating system doesn’t have the memory it needs to operate efficiently, it will run slowly, cause applications to stop unexpectedly, or even die. Check the phone’s storage setting every now and then to make sure you have plenty of empty space. Delete unused apps and store pictures and music in the cloud to free up space.

3. Leaving It On Too Much

It’s good for you as well as your phone to have a time out every now and then. Reboot your phone at least once a week. Shut down the device for 30 minutes, if possible. This process ensures that the cache is cleared and subsystems are properly restarted. It also helps increase the RAM’s longevity and allows diagnostics to be run regularly.

4. Plugging It in Carelessly

One of the most delicate parts of your phone is also one of the most important, the power connector. Take the time to insert the power cord carefully so you don’t damage it. Also, check the end of the port before inserting to make sure it’s clean and dry so you don’t accidentally push dirt, oil, or water into your phone’s delicate insides.

5. Exposing It to the Elements

Most smartphones are not waterproof, so don’t use them in heavy rain or snow. Even a few drops of moisture in the wrong spot can kill a phone. Extreme temperatures are also a consideration. A smartphone will overheat at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, or cease to function at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Not Having a Case

Many make the investment in a great smartphone, but then don’t spend extra money on a case. We act as though paying $600 for a phone is a necessary expense, but another $60 to protect it is too much. Phones are dropped all the time, leading to cracked edges and shattered screens. A high-quality case can help ward off the unwanted expenses of phone repair.