Are seat belts and air bags enough to protect your IT?

How safe do you feel driving a vehicle that has seat belts and front airbags?  It’s hard to imagine when those components weren’t even required for a car to be on the road.  Basic safety equipment that is now “standard,” was once considered “state of the art” and was reserved for fully loaded vehicles.  As technology improves, so do the safety features offered on new model vehicles.  From backup cameras, to blind spot detection, to collision avoidance systems – these add-ons come at an additional cost, but they provide a more safe driving experience.  Most would agree that preventing serious injury or death is worth the extra couple dollars you might pay each month on an auto loan.

Safety Net’s Security + package is the IT equivalent of a collision avoidance system.  Security + can be added to the standard security features you already have in place on your network, like antivirus, backups, and a firewall, to offer additional layers of security.  Is your business safe with seat belts and front air bags?  Probably.  But in the face of a complex, persistent cyber attack, would you feel more secure knowing you’ve invested in additional safety features to protect your assets?

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