Quick Steps to Troubleshoot Computer Issues

troubleshoot computer issues by Heather Demel, Desktop Deployment Specialist

Computers are an essential part of many of our jobs. It can be disconcerting when yours doesn’t function properly. Of course, these issues always seem to occur when you’re facing a pressing deadline or in the middle of a big project.

Luckily, there are some steps non-techies can use to troubleshoot computer problems and potentially fix them without the need for IT support. So, before you panic, try these.

  1. Restart Your Computer –  If you encounter a problem, save your work, and simply restart your computer. Restarting often clears up many computer issues.
  2. Reseat All Cables and Connections – If your PC still isn’t functioning correctly after rebooting, check all cables and devices to ensure they are firmly connected. If you find a loose cable, reseat it and wait a few minutes. If the problem doesn’t clear up after reseating a loose connection, try restarting again.
  3. Install Updates – Your next step should be to install any recommended updates. Search for updates in the Control Panel. Let the system install important updates, and reboot itself if it needs to. Be sure to let it go through the whole installation cycle before you try any additional manual steps.
  4. Troubleshooting Programs – Windows has many automated Troubleshooting Programs. Most can be found in the Control Panel. Windows can automatically seek out and resolve many issues on its own.
  5. Check the Network or Wi-Fi Connection – If you are having difficulty connecting to the network or Internet, it may be a problem with your network or wireless connection. Look in right hand corner of the task bar for your networking icon(s). If there’s an exclamation mark or another alarming symbol, double click to open Network Connection Settings. You can launch any of several troubleshooting programs to investigate. These steps can often resolve the most common connection issues.

If all else fails, call on the expertise of an IT service provider. Safety Net’s client support can be reached at 231.944.1100 or via our support request form.