MI Aims To Combat Cybercrime

Cyber-Summit-2013-Header I recently attended the Michigan Cyber Summit 2013 in Novi, MI. The event was great example of how the government and corporations partnering to help combat IT security threats. At the event, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder unveiled a new volunteer IT force, the Cyber Civilian Corps, a group charged with helping the state respond to cyber incidents.

“Cyber threats are real, and we must stay vigilant and proactive to help protect Michigan families and businesses from those who would use technology to do harm,” Snyder said. “By joining forces, public and private entities can address these threats and ensure a safer, stronger cyber environment.”

The state of Michigan reported that it has blocked 568,724 cyber-attacks daily in the first nine months of 2013. These attacks included spam, web browser attacks, and network intrusions among others.

David Behen, Chief Information Officer for the state of Michigan, added. “Focusing on cyber security will help position Michigan to take advantage of opportunities in this growing and fast-paced and ever-changing industry.”

The event offered a variety of sessions to address the needs of a variety of sectors including: business, education, law enforcement, government, and home users/families.

Some notable titles presenters were on hand, including: Dan Lohrmann, Chief Security Officer, State of Michigan; Roberta Stempfley, Acting Assistant Secretary, Department of Homeland Security Office of Cyber Security and Communications; and Farnam Jahanian, Director, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate, National Science Foundation (NSF).

For more information visit https://www.michigan.gov/cybersecurity.