Mercury’s Offer for Chargeback Protection for EMV Ending Soon

An update to our blog post from Fall 2015 regarding EMV. Mercury Payment Systems‘ six-month offer for chargeback protection is coming to a close. Since the program’s launch, a number of Safety Net’s Microsoft Dynamics RMS retail clients have successfully adopted EMV pin pads from this preferred provider. Mercury is one of a handful of payment vendors who offer EMV that integrates with RMS. 

October 2015 – EMV Chargeback Protection for EMV should be at the top of the list for merchants who accept credit cards since the liability shift went into effect on October 1, 2015. Merchants who do not process chip-based credit cards with EMV-enabled card readers or POS systems may be liable for certain fraud-related chargebacks.

This shift marks a change in the way chargebacks have been handled. Major card brands helped drive the adoption of EMV technology.

With Mercury’s program for Chargeback Protection for EMV, an eligible merchant will be reimbursed up to $250 per month for certain fraud-related chargeback losses, reducing the financial impact of the EMV liability shift.

Mercury’s program, priced at $13.95 per month,  is available from October 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, and is priced at $13.95 per month. For more information, contact us.