ITSupportPanel for Efficient, Easy Support

ITSupportPanel epitomizes the Safety Net way – excellence through people, process, and tools. After extensive research and testing, we recently rolled out this insightful application to Your Net managed service clients as part of our standard toolset. ITSupportPanel offers the ability to log a support request (ticket) within seconds, check the ticket’s status, communicate with the technician assigned to a support request, and catch up on current news.

What is ITSupportPanel?

ITSupportPanel is an app we install on our clients’ machines to make requesting IT Support much easier.  If Safety Net is your IT partner, you can find the app by looking for the green ‘IT’ button in your task tray and on your desktop. After the first use, the app will recognize you as the user, so you’ll only be asked to enter your contact information once.  The app also pulls technical information from your computer and attaches it to the ticket, thereby providing your Support team technician with the system details they need.

Screenshot of ITSupportPanel ITSupportPanel log ticket

Why should you use ITSupportPanel?

  • Easier to Use – We recommend ITSupportPanel to submit a support request because it’s easy to use and find. Save time on the phone for non-urgent issues!
  • Faster than Email – It is a better alternative to email because your IT ticket will be progressed faster in our backend systems.
  • More complete details – It can identify detailed information about your computer, so the technician assigned to your request will have most of the tech info they need without having to ask.

How to Use | Quick Training

ITSupportPanel is very simple to use. Here are some quick instructions:

  1. Find the ‘green IT button’ on your desktop or task tray (near your clock).
  2. ITSupportPanel in the task bar. Double click the IT button.
  3. Click ‘Log Ticket’ button.
  4. Fill in the quick, easy form.
  5. Click the orange Log Ticket button.

For additional training, check out this video – Safety Net’s Intro to ITSupportPanel.