Five Reasons to Hire an IT MSP

When working with an IT managed service provider (MSP), IT tasks become less of a burden and enable the business’ managers to focus on their core functions without the distractions of handling a sometimes unfamiliar and highly technical area. Aside from off-loading the IT business function, there are other compelling reasons to hire a MSP firm.

A managed service provider simplifies business by removing the day-to-day burden of data backups, planning upgrades and managing network and hardware capacity. They handle all IT tasks on your behalf. You enjoy the benefits of backup data storage, guaranteed response times and superior service levels.

Whether your hardware is on premise or at the MSP’s facility, your employees have access to your systems and network at any time, from any location or device. The managed service provider IT team is responsible for ensuring the accessibility detailed in your service level agreement (SLA), so you and your team can access your system and network while traveling, from a client’s site or at home at any time, day or night.

With an MSP, hassles such as adding or removing users, installing new applications or large data stores are easily accomplished. The managed service provider IT team is responsible for sizing the hardware properly to ensure the response times agreed upon in the SLA. You also don’t have the burden of selecting and configuring hardware, or the worries associated with network compatibility, as the MSP handles that for you.

With a managed service provider, your agreement spells out the costs, making it easy to budget or calculate the impact of adding users or applications. You don’t have to be concerned about an unexpected capital outlay for new hardware if you need to increase your user count.

Skills Management
People with top-notch IT skills are expensive and scarce. With today’s complex technology environments, you need expertise in networking, hardware configuration, virtualization, application support and more. Maintaining the full range of required skills is often impossible for many businesses, but with a managed service provider, IT skills are at your fingertips whenever you need them. The MSP staff services many customers, spreading out the costs of their skills and training, making it possible to have state-of-the-art skills on call as needed.

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