Business vs Home Computers – Read Before you Shop!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for amazing deals that bring people out in droves.  Electronics tend to be popular big-ticket items for holiday shoppers.  In the days following Thanksgiving, you’re likely to save $$$ on a new laptop or PC, which is great…. if it is intended for personal use.  Need new business computers? Hold Laptop with shopping cart and sale sign off on shopping.

Between hard-to-beat deals and on-going supply chain issues, it’s tempting for businesses to replace their office computers with off-the-shelf machines from a big box store or consumer website. We love saving money and the feeling of immediate gratification – BUT we also think it’s important to make educated buying decisions.

Business vs Home Computers: What To Consider

The lines between work and home are more blurred than ever.  Business laptops are sometimes used for personal reasons (though we recommend avoiding that as much as possible!), and personal PCs are sometimes used to wrap up lingering work tasks.  Regardless of their use and purpose, business and home computers are fundamentally different.

3 Reasons to Use Business Computers for Business

  1. Designed to last longer.  Business computers are created for long-term, all-day usage.  There’s no need to “keep up with the Joneses” when it comes to work tools – so bells and whistles found on some consumer laptops aren’t necessary.  Companies don’t want to upgrade entire fleets of computers often, so the design of business models doesn’t vary much from year-to-year.  Benefits of consistent design?  Repair parts remain largely unchanged, making maintenance easier.  Features like swappable batteries will extend the life of the device.  A business laptop is more durable than its consumer-grade counterpart.  Some are water or dust resistant, and they can handle the occasional drop or knock off a desk.  Business computers are built with higher-grade components so they can be used for several hours a day, several days a week.
  2. More customizable.  Consumer machines for home use may offer different storage amounts, or a higher-quality display, but their custom options are otherwise pretty limited.  When an organization purchases business computers, they can configure them for different departments or positions based on their specific needs.  An engineer requires different features than an administrative assistant, and a field technician requires different options than a C-suite executive.  Dell, for example, allows business shoppers to select everything from the battery, to the processor, to the storage, to the backlighting on a keyboard.
  3. Built for security and IT management.  PCs or laptops designed for business use generally come with features that provide more security – fingerprint readers and encryption tools are examples.  Business computers can be scattered around an office building, located in peoples’ homes, or traveling around the country.  That mobility makes remote monitoring and management a must.  That level of IT management requires remote desktop control capabilities found on a machine that is designed to live on a network.

Bottom Line

Computers designed for professional use are more durable and reliable than home computers.  They are built for performance.  In a world of increased remote work, it’s important to remember business computers are easier to troubleshoot and keep secure.  It is true that business-class computers cost a bit more and take longer to get (right now) than consumer-grade, home computers.  Please trust us… They are worth the longer delivery time if you want a device that’s built to last and securely enhance your productivity.