4 Ways an MSP Can Help with Technology Costs

technology costs It’s difficult to measure the hidden costs of downtime, poor performance, and lost opportunities; however, most businesses will benefit from taking the time to have a better understanding of the actual costs of their technology. With greater clarity and control, companies can realize many benefits, among them are improved operating performance and better margins. Working with a technology managed service provider (MSP) can help your business be “smart” about your technology costs.

Predictable Technology Costs

With an MSP, the majority of your IT services are covered under a single, predetermined, monthly payment. The managed service provider is responsible for day-to-day tasks such as desktop support and proactive maintenance like keeping anti-virus protection updated and ensuring regular backups are being performed. An MSP will also help with less frequent tasks such as setting up a computer for a new user.

Examine the Performance of IT Services

When IT management is in-house, the true cost of the IT process may be overlooked. It could take longer than necessary to resolve a problem, because in-house IT staff may not have the knowledge base, time or experience to take care of it efficiently. If you include these hard-to-quantify costs in your overall IT expenditure, you may be surprised at the actual cost of your IT spending. With an MSP, there are no hidden costs or surprises and you’ll have an experienced support team ready at your disposal.

More Flexibility to Meet the Demand for IT Work

Working with an MSP enables you to outsource IT work at-will. You may decide you want to upgrade software, add storage capacity or implement a new application. Whatever you need, working with a managed service provider means the skills are available to accomplish the task at hand.

Develop an IT Strategy for Future Initiatives

Most in-house IT staff don’t have the time to spend doing research on new hardware or applications, or attending classes on new technology. An MSP generally has a staff with a wide breadth of knowledge, a variety of skill sets, and numerous certifications. The tech world is always changing, so an MSP invests in their staff by providing on-going training and continuing education. With those concerns taken off your plate, you will have the time to work with your MSP to plan a future technology strategy that supports your business growth and budget.

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