Cloud Technology Consulting & Phone System Installation

Back in the day (in the world of IT, that’s like 10 years ago), phone systems were these mystical things. Installation and implementation took several months, manuals were written in Greek, and you had to reach out to a telecom systems provider to make even simple changes. The Cloud has changed all that.

Is your business looking to:
  • Simplify telecommunications billing?
  • Reduce voice and data costs?
  • Get better performance, especially for satellite offices or remote workers?

Secure, reliable networks are the backbone of a dependable phone system with high voice quality. That’s our wheelhouse. For the bandwidth service, Safety Net has strategic partnerships with master telecommunications agents.  We can connect you with services from leading suppliers like AT&T, Charter Spectrum, US Signal and many more vendors to get the most competitive rates and a telecom solution tailored to your needs.

In most cases we find that your services can be improved, simplified or reduced in cost; in some cases, all three!

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been able to make business executives giddy by cutting their expenses by thousands of dollars per year.

Many of our clients have been moving to hosted (cloud-based) phone systems. This can be a lower-cost option as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive phone system controllers. Phone systems in the cloud often provide more flexibility than older technology by including features such as voicemail to email, forwarding and find-me to cell phones, and “soft phones” that run on your smartphone or computer and don’t require a desk handset. Bonus – since the central system isn’t running on your premises, hosted VoIP inherently includes disaster recovery. Not having to figure out how to get the phone system back up removes a big item in many organizations’ disaster recovery planning.

To get started, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your current situation – whether you need support for a VoIP phone system like Cisco or an outdated arrangement – to gain a full understanding of your setup, system performance, and pricing schedule. This review often uncovers things like old services your business doesn’t need anymore that just weren’t terminated, unauthorized billing, unusual fees, billing errors, and rate improvement opportunities. From there, our design engineers look at product offerings, pricing, contract terms, and technical support to determine an ideal solution for your company. For our Your Net managed service clients, the fCIO can see this through end-to-end, saving you time.

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