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Michigan Law Firm

In 2016, the law firm experienced an alarming attempt to intrude their IT systems. That attempted cyberattack heightened the awareness that they needed some very solid and reliable IT security – not only to protect confidential client information, but to maintain the firm’s ability to smoothly operate day-to-day. The Firm Administrator said, “as legal professionals, we require a secure data environment to preserve client confidentiality and protect against any breach.” It was that requirement that led them to search for a professional, established IT partner.

Dedicated time from an assigned Technical Alignment Manager is a tangible benefit. The Technical Alignment Manager resolves issues that are not time-sensitive, proactively addresses virtually anything IT-related, and builds relationships with staff members throughout the firm to better understand their technology needs. The law firm appreciates that proactive support and the excellent paths of communication they have with their entire Safety Net team.

According to the law firm, the single most important benefit of partnering with Safety Net is having confidence that their data is secure – safe from external threats and backed up off-site so that it is also safe from any unexpected loss or equipment failure. The Firm Administrator noted their worry is gone; they know they can contact Safety Net with concerns, both large and small, and they’ll receive timely answers and see appropriate action.

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