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notpetya protected
Jun 27, 2017

Yes, there’s another one! What you should know about NotPetya

You may have already heard in the news about another widespread ransomware attack taking down large companies, hospitals, and transportation systems around Europe and the U.S. Labeled “NotPetya” by security authority Kaspersky Lab, it uses the same Windows vulnerability that the Wannacry ransomware did just a few weeks ago. The Safety Net team, including Senior Security Engineer Jeff […]

Dec 14, 2016

Local Businesses Under Siege from Cyber Threats

2016 has been the year of the cyber attack. Businesses are being bombarded constantly by cyber threats from every direction. The attacks are more sophisticated and more frequent than ever before. At Safety Net, we’ve managed 22 incidents for Michigan-based clients this year, 7 of which involved ransomware. As we head into 2017, the outlook for cyber threats […]

Jul 07, 2016

Tips to Prevent Ransomware

In the past few years, you’ve likely heard reports about ransomware. Computers are locked and files encrypted by malicious programs designed to extort money from users. In 2015, the Internet Crime Complaint Center had reports of 2,500 cases of ransomware costing victims $24 million in the US alone. Once ransomware is unwittingly installed on devices, the perpetrators demand […]