Security as a Service

A key component of Your Net Managed IT Service is securing our clients’ environments.

With the complex threats in today’s IT landscape, security requires a layered approach. No single tool can deliver complete security. 

Your Net includes this integrated suite of tools and services carefully selected to provide robust security where you need it most.

  • Next Generation Antivirus
  • Top-tier Firewall
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Security Patch Management
  • Email Protection
  • Data Backup

We’ll even audit your security system regularly and train your staff in security awareness every year.

Get the Full Details

  • Under Your Net managed service, our clients receive licensing to a top rated antivirus, anti-malware product for all desktops, laptops and servers.   
  • The antivirus software is integrated into our overall systems management platform to ensure all systems have a properly-running, up-to-date version of the software installed.
  • Your Net includes top-tier firewall hardware and subscriptions. 
  • The firewalls we deploy are Unified Threat Management (UTM) class and include cutting edge features such as advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention, geo-IP filtering to block known malicious countries, border antivirus scanning, and web content filtering.
  • All firewalls are tied into our centralized management system to ensure they’re always running the most current firmware for optimal protection.
  • We use penetration testing tools to ensure open ports are approved and related documentation is accurate.
  • All computers receive a web content filtering agent.  The purpose of this software is to keep users from stumbling onto malicious sites and to prevent approved sites, which may have been compromised, from transmitting malicious code.
  • Because it’s agent-based, this filtering works whether the computer is in or out of the office
  • This tool is integrated into our overall systems management platform to ensure all systems have it installed and it is running in an optimal state.

As has been reported repeatedly in the news after a major global cyber event, installation of available security patches can stop a cyber-attack in its tracks.  We constantly monitor released security patches and distribute them to managed client computers and servers.

Roughly half of all viruses are delivered by email.  When a client’s email solution doesn’t include a highly rated email filtering solution, we include one as part of Your Net. 

Most cyber-attacks are not aimed directly at the end user.  Educated users know how to spot suspicious situations and stop the attack simply by deleting an email or closing a web page.  Safety Net fCIOs lead up cyber security awareness training which is repeated with every client, every single year.

The vast majority of cyber-attacks exploit commonly known weaknesses, which include lax configuration standards.  Your Net Proactive Network Administration includes recurring audits of system security configuration to identify these weaknesses and resolve them.

If all else fails and ransomware does hit, being able to recover your information is paramount.  We leave nothing to chance.  We provide a highly robust backup solution that creates backups multiple times each day and replicates them offsite.  Backup as a Service is designed to ensure we always have a current backup if needed.


Cybersecurity & You

Fostering a cybersecurity culture within your organization is critical to the success of any technology that is put in place to protect your systems.