CIO Services

Every business should have a CIO. Most don’t need one full-time.

If you’re a typical business owner or executive of a company of 20-150 employees or so, you may wish you had a peer who is capable of high-level strategic thinking and puts business before technology for technology’s sake. Someone who wouldn’t come to you with budget requests for projects that don’t have clear alignment to your strategic plan, great ROI, and a plan to pay for them. Someone whose communication skills and level of professional experience could go before your Board with no worry on your part. And someone who anticipates and plans for needs without prompting from you.

Meet our Fractional CIOs

Your Net managed IT has all the technology people, processes and tools covered, but you still need that point of contact who speaks your language and advocates for your business needs. In Safety Net’s model, that is your fCIO.


FCIOs add value by understanding industries served and the unique needs of each client business, and they help clients plan for necessary upgrades and expansion. They stay in close contact with your assigned Proactive Network Administrator and support team. Fractional CIO services include quarterly business reviews, IT vendor management (such as sitting in on calls with your software vendors), and conducting due diligence.

As with all Safety Net people, we’re really selective about who we hire and put in place for these roles. Typically, they are IT veterans who have at least 7-10 years of experience doing strategic planning and management.