Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Have a Plan to Keep Business Running

We’re fortunate in Michigan to be isolated from some kinds of natural disasters other states and countries experience, like hurricanes and earthquakes. But we can (and have, in just the past few years!) experienced extended power outages, major snowstorms, fires, explosions, floods, tornadoes, and cyber attacks. Not to be a downer here, but if you’re running a business, you know you need to have a plan to ensure you can still serve your customers and retain your employees when these things happen.

Two out of every five companies struck with a major disaster are unable to recover. Of the survivors, one third go out of business within the next two years.

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Safety Net can help you kickstart your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery planning (BCP/DR) if you don’t currently have one in place, or work with you to fine-tune your existing program. As a Your Net Managed IT Service client, we will provide your organization with a basic “DR Lite” plan to get you on the road to protecting your business from a disaster. Better yet?  Engage our professionals beyond the basics to design and implement a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Key to BCP/DR, our BaaS (Backup as a Service) standard gives you peace of mind in having a replication of your data in an off-site data center. You’ll also have the ability to recover your servers in the data center to have business resumption.

Your Net includes this carefully-selected and integrated suite of people, processes and tools for disaster recovery planning:

  • Certified Business Continuity Professionals
  • Disaster Recovery Lite starter plan
  • Offsite Data Center – Backup Storage
  • Offsite Data Center – Server Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery testing
  • Assistance with table top exercises
  • Consultation on existing BCP/DR Plan creation and editing