IT Consulting & Projects

When you need big things to be done, call in the pros.

Safety Net offers technology consulting services as well as IT project design, planning, project management, and execution. We deliver these services for Your Net managed service clients as well as for companies who have internal IT and don’t use our managed services. Some of our longest client relationships are with IT managers and CTOs of businesses who have trusted our team of engineers on their projects for nearly 15 years.

IT consulting services and project services are where our core value of Excellence really comes through. In short, we don’t do shoddy work. Any designs, project plans and/or product specs are drawn up by an experienced design engineer and reviewed by peers before going out. Quotes are detailed and clear on scope. Because we’ve done so many and know what to expect, projects can often be quoted as fixed-cost; i.e., you don’t have to worry about large cost overruns from estimates. Speaking of keeping costs down, we don’t insist only Safety Net resources are involved; we often include clients’ internal resources on projects, and provide training and guidance for clients’ system administrators to turn daily management back over after the new technology is implemented.

Clients come back for their IT consulting and projects because they know they can count on the Safety Net team to deliver quality, do the right thing, and stand behind our work.

Typical projects

Here are some examples of past projects and technology consulting:

Set up multi-factor authentication, wireless enterprise encryption, event logging, endpoint encryption, and security plan consulting to help a client attain NIST compliance for government contracting

Consolidated a client’s environment from 150 servers to 50 using VMware, significantly reducing the cost of licensing, administration, hardware, and energy, and improving network reliability for their users

Completed dozens of migrations from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 for clients in all industries

Implemented a WAN using Cisco hardware for a manufacturer with 12 locations to improve speed and availability

These are a really small sample of what our team can do.

Have a project to discuss?

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