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Oakland Physician Network Services

Oakland Physician Network Services is an organization owned and operated by physicians and clinicians in Oakland County and the surrounding areas.  They serve the medical community by centrally maintaining the infrastructure to support best practices in medical management, office management, and database management.  OPNS was almost entirely dependent on their IT vendor.  The vendor owned all the computers, servers, and other peripherals OPNS relied on for their daily operations.  The result was lower stability and higher costs.  Their goal was to be less vendor-dependent and use resources efficiently, in line with their core values.

OPNS selected Safety Net as their IT partner because Safety Net specializes in safe networks that meet strong regulatory compliance requirements. They recognized the value in Safety Net’s experience working with multiple EHR software systems like NextGen and eClinicalWorks. Safety Net is HIPAA-compliant, and they will work alongside practice managers to complete required security assessments. OPNS realized human error is the leading cause of current cyber security breaches, so the Security Awareness training included with Safety Net’s managed services played a part in their decision.

As soon as Safety Net and OPNS agreed a partnership made sense – Safety Net got to work. 18 desktop computers, AWS servers, firewalls, switches, access points, and a Cloud controller were on order right away.

An internal kick-off meeting was held at Safety Net on a Wednesday morning and the client kick-off meeting was held later that same day at OPNS. Safety Net’s team worked diligently and had everything ready to go the following Friday. The Go Live was scheduled for the following Monday morning – and everyone was up and running. In less than two weeks, OPNS had a fully managed, supported, and secure network – and an IT inventory all their own!

It is certainly no coincidence that Mr. Prong noticed a nearly immediate improvement in his computer’s performance. The systems at OPNS are more reliable and more secure. Safety Net used best practices to provide a stable, protected IT environment that allows the folks at OPNS to work more efficiently with less downtime. The team at OPNS found in Safety Net an IT managed service provider who responds in a timely manner, is always accessible, and is a partner in the truest sense of the word.

I used my notebook today and it may be coincidence, but I’ve never had better connections.


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