NMMP decided it was time to update their server and network environment.

In addition to assistance with that project, they wanted a partner who could offer healthcare IT services including monitoring and maintenance of their IT system health by tracking downtime, monitoring server space, and providing the infrastructure to properly support their electronic health records/electronic medical records software. They needed to know they could always connect to their network reliably, such as when they had a patient in the hospital.

About Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics (NMMP)

Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics (NMMP) is a busy Traverse City, Michigan practice that specializes in both pediatrics and internal medicine, working with patients of all ages.

The lifelong relationships that the NMMP team of 8 doctors and over 15 staff members have with their patients provide a strong foundation for their healthcare-related decisions

See The Solution
The Solution


Safety Net installed a new server, updated the network, and consolidated NMMP’s IT environment to optimize their EHR and improve overall performance. They upgraded the backup and wireless environment, and transitioned the practice from using traditional computers to thin clients, providing significant cost savings.

Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics signed on as a Your Net managed service client of Safety Net. With their monthly package, NMMP has access to a highly skilled support team, regular comprehensive reporting on IT system health, and a Proactive Network Administrator (PNA) who regularly spends time in their office and knows their systems inside and out.

See The Results
The Results

The Results

“With Safety Net’s help, we’ve seen a significant reduction in issues with our server and EMR,” comments the practice manager

Safety Net has continued to implement additional hardware and storage requirements needed at NMMP for EMR upgrades and new features. They are also working closely with the practice to ensure that continual changes are made to the IT environment to comply with ever-evolving industry regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH Healthcare Act, ICD-10, and Meaningful Use Certification.

Lastly, as part of their healthcare IT services, Safety Net successfully introduced new mobile technology options, like the Dell Venue 2-in-1 touchscreen tablet/laptop, allowing NMMP doctors to better serve their patients.

We feel grateful, relieved, motivated, confident. I’m excited to see how we can effectively leverage technology to our advantage now that we have quality support in place.

Katie Smielewski – Practice Manager, Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics

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