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Michigan Planners

Michigan Planners experienced poor service and received bad advice right out of the gate from their previous IT provider.  Their multiple offices across Michigan were suffering from numerous communication and IT-related issues.  It was a constant battle to try and find out why their phones were never working properly.  While in the process of shopping for a new phone vendor, they discovered the issue was not related to the phone provider, it was caused by how the IT company configured their setup.  This realization was the last straw, and they began looking for a new IT partner.

Knowing their existing IT vendor had let them down time and time again, and that their lack of competence led to unnecessary challenges across the organization, Kurt Swartz, managing partner for MI Planners Traverse City office, began asking his clients for recommendations. That is how the partnership between MI Planners and Safety Net came to be.

Within the first hour of Safety Net deploying remote tools and installing on-site equipment, MI Planners was able to make site-to-site calls with clarity. Changes to network routing also solved some site-to-site speed and latency issues. Safety Net implemented consistent, reliable monitoring and alerting, and put in place a backup plan that allows local data recovery and protects them from data loss if something should happen to either of their offices. Safety Net provided thorough documentation MI Planners can share with third-party auditors, and they were brought into full compliance with their software licensing.

Safety Net took over IT management for Michigan Planners in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of a robust remote tool set, and safe on-site visits, the onboarding team dove in to discover issues, decide on solutions, and implement them. With a full team in Traverse City and southeast Michigan, Safety Net easily and efficiently supports all of Michigan Planners’ offices.

MI Planners reports their phone issues have improved dramatically, allowing them to communicate with their customers without interruption. They also conduct staff meetings across their locations without video, sound, or connectivity complications. Those benefits have been noticeable by everyone and make a difference in their day-to-day operations. An added benefit of partnering with Safety Net? Detailed reviews of bills from each vendor resulting in cost saving solutions!

Anyone who is not tech savvy knows the frustrations of relying on an outside source for guidance. Safety Net has exceeded our expectations with their unprecedented levels of trust, knowledge, implementation, and daily support service!

Kurt Swartz – Managing Partner, Michigan Planners

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