Tyson Acosta

Technical Alignment Manager

Tyson Acosta is currently starring in the role of Technical Alignment Manager here at Safety Net. While he’s never played that role on the stage, he’s had plenty of other experiences in a variety of theater productions and roles – including the Old Town Theater Playhouse. And, we can attest that providing clients with quality technical support is a role that Tyson was born to play.

Tyson holds a CompTIA A+ certification and has a strong IT background having worked as a helpdesk technician at Munson Healthcare, an IT Specialist at Corporate Title Agency, and a Computer Support Technician at Ferris State University before joining Safety Net.

A strong communicator, Tyson is a great teacher and actually earned a Michigan Teacher’s Certificate. He aspires to help clients feel comfortable with technology. So, he’ll not only resolve your problem, but he’ll take the time to teach you how to ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.

When he’s not solving customer problems, Tyson is a foodie who loves to cook, and he continues honing his acting skills in various theater productions.

Here at Safety Net, we think Tyson is already a star, and you will too if you’re lucky enough to work with him!

CompTIA A+