Mike Fitzgerald

Design Engineer

Who says computer guys can’t be cool? Maybe the better term for Mike Fitzgerald is “hip.” Just because things like MCITP Server Admin and MCTS Database Developer sound like something dreadfully authoritarian, it doesn’t mean that tech heads can’t loosen up from time to time.

Mike began his IT career with 15 years active service in the U.S. Army, and spent many years designing networks for MCI/Worldcom, among others. He’s got the best of both worlds – by day, he flaunts his LPIC-1 certification; he flexes his technical might, adorned with Comptia Security+, Network+, and A+ credentials. You must be thinking, “Well he sounds smart, but cool?”

Don’t let the jargon and computer lingo get in the way. By nightfall, Mike is preparing an artisan’s dinner for his wife, serenading the neighborhood, or simply connecting with nature in the great outdoors. Now, does that sound like a typical computer guy?

He may play a mellow tune, or crack jokes over coffee and new friendships like your favorite slam poet, but beyond the bare feet and brown leather vest is a mind for machines! This is one cat that’s as cool as they come.

MCITP Server Admin, MCTS SQL Dev, LPIC-1, Sec+