Kevin Bozung


Lao Tzu wrote “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” We think principal and co-founder Kevin Bozung could very well be channeling the ancient philosopher, because at the end of the day when we finish a large project or satisfy a client, we’re pretty certain we’ve done that ourselves. However, when we look at the big picture, we realize Kevin has worked tirelessly to craft a strong business by building a team of dedicated professionals, pursue a strong client base, and push us all to do our very best at all times. Oh maaaaan, he tricked us!

Kevin manages company finances and shares responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the company with Beth Holmes-Bozung and Tim Cerny. Kevin has a strong technical background, beginning in the 1990s and working his way up to Senior Network Engineer, leading large network infrastructure deployment and upgrade projects for firms in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas.

Outside of the tech world, Kevin is very much a family man. He enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, running and cycling. When time allows, he is actually pretty handy and gets neck-deep in home remodeling projects (and sometimes has the injuries to prove it) and woodworking. We all think he’s a pretty nice guy too, but we don’t tell him that. We’re fairly certain getting us to think that is part of his master plan, and we’re not admitting to being fooled anymore!