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Healthcare is a complex, fast-paced industry that isn’t very forgiving of technical difficulties. Medical professionals rely upon health information technology at work every day, such as eClinicalworks, NextGen, other EHR systems, and IT that runs equipment for imaging and other technology. It can be difficult to find expert technical support during malfunctions, intricate EHR rollouts, or upgrades. Are you feeling the pressure to find reliable IT help for your practice?

At Safety Net, we’ve taken inspiration from medical industry-specific challenges and built up our expertise in medical practice IT support, from consulting to providing security as a service. We help physicians, practice managers and support staff spend less time on documentation, troubleshooting, and data transfer so they can spend more time caring for patients – ultimately maximizing patient satisfaction and increasing efficiency.

Get the details about our core healthcare support services below.

Who We Help in Healthcare

We make it our mission to act as an extension of our clients’ teams. When it comes to the healthcare industry, we’re most often directly supporting people in these positions:

  • Practice administrators
  • Office managers
  • Physician owners

No matter who our regular contact is, our goal is to ultimately support your entire practice by ensuring a healthy IT environment, even throughout major technological upgrades.

Goals We Meet

Support strong IT infrastructure.

  • Properly support medical information systems such as electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) software. (Ask us about eCW support or Nextgen support.)
  • Put backup processes in place and establish a disaster recovery plan.

Assess and ease your day-to-day technological efficiencies, limitations, or errors. (This is a benefit our Your Net clients enjoy – get it done fast!)

    • We also provide employee education to reduce issues that interrupt patient care flow. Our team has been through more than their fair share of training, and they have the certifications to prove it. They know firsthand the importance of making it fun to learn necessary subjects.

Fulfill all relevant healthcare compliance requirements (like HIPAA and MACRA/MIPS).

Lower costs by providing proactive support, save you time, and increase the practice’s efficiency by recommending and maintaining the right technologies

Ease medical professionals’ frustrations with technology, enabling them to consistently perform well. How many times have your providers been fed up with computer issues and just need to get through their full patient schedule? We will help. 

Improve the patient experience (e.g., by ensuring a user-friendly patient portal, more efficient service, etc.).

Reduce errors in recordkeeping, and enable accurate reporting. 

Ensure data security. Learn more about security as a service and our network security offerings

Provide CIO services like planning and budgeting

When you work with Safety Net, your goals are ours. Would you sleep better knowing your IT provider shared these priorities?

Healthcare IT Consulting ‒ Compliance, Technology, and More

Whether you’re looking at a short IT adjustment project or a full-out medical information system overhaul, such as an EHR adoption, Safety Net can help you with healthcare IT consulting services and continual IT environment maintenance. We’ll start with your goals – for example, always being able to rely on your internet connection – and recommend the technology to get you there.

Worried about healthcare compliance?

We understand how demanding government regulations are in the healthcare industry, especially when they change frequently. We can offer a helping hand by providing healthcare compliance consulting and setting up your IT environment to help keep you on track. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of HIPAA, MIPS/Medicare, and ICD-10.

Finally, we offer employee education so that everyone can contribute to being fully compliant with the relevant regulations and use technology efficiently.

Health IT Security

In the healthcare industry, there are many software products and databases that deal with sensitive patient information. We understand that these tools (typically referred to with their acronyms: EHRs, PHRs, VNAs, HIEs, and many more) can be vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks and need to be regularly monitored for both system health and security. Let us help you employ data security best practices in your communication systems, medical information systems, and other technology.

Safety Net’s Your Net customers benefit from security as a service, which includes antivirus and firewall protection, email protection, and more. For clients with or without Your Net coverage, our engineer group delivers network security consulting and related project implementations. This is especially helpful as technology evolves to be more mobile, which has opened up new vulnerabilities.

Let’s Talk about Healthcare IT Support

Would you like a highly skilled local support team to back you up with IT health reports and continual improvements? Want to explore your options for single projects and healthcare IT consulting? Reach out to us today to get the help you need.

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