e-Waste Recycling

Keep it green! Keep it clean!

Let’s recycle your old machines!

In an effort to keep toxic waste from ending up in our landfills, Safety Net offers an annual e-waste drive.  We travel to area businesses to pick up unwanted electronics for recycling.  Many computer and electronics components have the potential to release elements such as lead, cadmium, and mercury into soil and groundwater. Proper disposal and recycling virtually eliminate the potential for health and environmental hazards. E-waste also contains valuable scrap metals, which help to conserve natural resources by reducing the need for new mining activity.

2021 E-Waste Drive

Traverse City Area – April 22 & 23 – SUCCESS!

Southeast Michigan – TBD

  • E-waste pickup drive coming in Summer 2021 – stay tuned for details!
  • Reach out to High Tech Recycling for your immediate e-waste disposal needs

Eligible Items

Most office electronics (PCs, laptops, network equipment, printers, phones, speakers, flat screen monitors, etc.) are recyclable.  Old CRT monitors (the bulky kind… “vintage”… think 80’s – early 2000’s) are not recyclable and cannot be accepted at pickup or drop-off.      

Pallets of e-waste and Safety Net tent

2021 E-Waste Community Drop-Off