North Central Area Credit Union

NCACU originally had one person internally handling its IT, and the bulk of their time was spent on fixing issues and supporting end users. When that person retired, they needed to find a solution to their ongoing IT needs, including annual audits.

In addition, Jacci Pothoof, NCACU’s President and CEO, wanted to utilize technology further to help the organization’s growth.

See The Solution
The Solution

NCACU received the support they needed, and more

Pothoof was familiar with Safety Net because NCACU had been a client of their IT services. She opted to become a managed IT services client of Safety Net rather than replace their former IT position. With Safety Net’s Your Net managed service package, NCACU has help desk IT support as well as ongoing maintenance and security oversight for its servers, network and firewalls.

“With Safety Net’s multiple resources, we received support for our day-to-day needs, while also taking a more strategic approach toward technology. They make sure our IT systems are up-to-date and efficient,” says Pothoof. “I’ve found that if you put together the right team, it makes your life easier. I have that with Safety Net.”

NCACU is also very pleased with Safety Net’s support, knowing that they are available around the clock, even on weekends, to resolve any IT issues that arise. Whether it’s a network issue or simply a forgotten password, the support team fixes the problem quickly and efficiently.

Signing on as a Your Net client instead of hiring IT internally has saved us thousands of dollars per year.

Jacci Pothoof – President & CEO, North Central Area Credit Union

See The Results
The Results

Ongoing support

In addition to managed IT services, Safety Net provides support and resources to help with the periodic audits that NCACU is required to undergo as a financial institution. Safety Net provided encryption services and disabled administrator accounts and USB ports on the organization’s PCs, among other things, to help ensure compliance and improve security.

Pothoof especially likes the Executive Summary and Health Score Reports that are part of the Your Net service. She finds these reports to provide a quick overview of their overall IT health.

“Being a more rural area, local IT talent isn’t always readily available. So, knowing that we have Safety Net’s resources to remotely login or be onsite to access our system to resolve issues is invaluable.”

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