Tyler Monahan

Network Technician

Tyler Monahan is not your typical Network Technician. He brings a unique set of skills and interests to the table. He is a proficient polyglot, which means he can read and understand multiple languages. He's like a secret agent, but in addition to breaking complicated IT problems, he's breaking language barriers. He can navigate through Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish with ease.

But Tyler doesn't just know how to speak the language of computers and other cultures. He also has a passion for music and literature, making him a well-rounded individual. In his free time, which there isn't much of since he's still a student at the University of Michigan, you can find him playing the piano, learning (more) new languages, or getting lost in a great book. We haven't heard which is his favorite, but we hope to find out!
With automation handling the mundane tasks, Tyler has freedom to use his judgment and experience to tackle more challenging issues. While some might say he is shy, he comes out of his shell to provide excellent support to our clients. Tyler is definitely reliable, and he enjoys his in-office days over remote work. He doesn't mind the change of scenery when there's an opportunity to get out of the NOC to provide on-site support. One of Tyler's most admirable qualities is his willingness to admit when he's wrong. Even better? He'll do the work to learn where a mistake was made and how to avoid the same hiccup in the future. Gotta love that!

With his language skills, artistic abilities, technical expertise, and positive attitude, Tyler could be a great addition to the Safety Net trivia team! Until then, we're lucky to have him in the Support Services Group.

CompTIA A+ and Net+