Toni Coscarelli

Director of Professional Services & Innovation

We had trouble figuring out just what to put on this page about Toni Coscarelli. We know what we wanted to put – something witty and clever that would poke fun at her in the same way she does to us. We like that about her, we really do. No, really. Working hard for our clients and having fun doing it should be the goal, right? And well, we’re sure everyone on the staff must consider her smart because that word is used in phrases to describe her all the time. That has to be a good thing, right?

In between bursts of wit that keep us rolling on the floor, Toni is responsible for a good deal of everything security-related and oversight of infrastructure project work at Safety Net. Prior to joining the team in 2008, Toni worked in IT for 20 years for a manufacturer that catered to the auto industry, and an internet dot-com catering to professional photographers. The latter was a position where she ushered a company struggling technologically with a few hundred customers to a multi-million dollar endeavor with thousands of customers in 18 countries.

During the occasional periods when she’s not working, she likes to sail, take pictures with photography equipment she really shouldn’t have spent so much money on, and spend time with family. Her newest hobby? Powered paragliding. Toni currently holds the MCITP EA and MCITP EMA certifications. And well, sometimes we think she’s just plain certified!