Tom Wyatt

Director of Client Relations & fCIO

The first thing Tom Wyatt will tell you is that the most important thing to him is his family. He loves his wife and four children – that is, two daughters and two furry children. When not raising pups and kids, he can fill your ears with music factoids about many different genres or he might be off training for the next Iceman Cometh.

Though he might be quite talkative about his favorite music, Tom is a great listener when it comes to helping businesses find solutions to the challenges they face. Tom is certified in Solution Selling, a philosophy and methodology that allows him to delve deep into a client’s business needs and requires follow-up to ensure solutions provided real value.

Before he joined the Safety Net family, Tom graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He then spent 16 years in Advertising Sales and Sales Management. He worked for a number of newspapers and magazines and also worked for affiliates of and at their inception. In a prior life, he was a nightclub DJ, hence the music knowledge. Originally from Colorado, Tom spent six years in California prior to moving to Michigan in 1997.

We are glad he decided to settle down here to teach us all a little about new technology, professional needs analysis, and the roots of rock n’roll.