Terry Ryan

Support Services Coordinator

Inviting Terry to join Safety Net as the Support Services Coordinator was a no-brainer.  From the start, we could tell he was an organized, meticulous, and resilient professional.  We suspected he might be funny - and we were right!  From day two on the job, Terry was already excited to shoot Nic Price with Nerf darts.  That's a level of comfort we fully embrace and one we think makes our team pretty outstanding!

After a 15 year career in the Marine Corps, Terry retired into civilian life with his family.  Like many Michiganders, he has a love of the outdoors, specifically camping, fishing, and hiking.  In the office, Terry enjoys providing Great client service.  He asks all the right questions, communicates clearly with all involved, and works closely with the team to efficiently resolve support tickets.

We're really excited about the structure and focus Terry brings to the table.  Get ready to be blown away by this guy's sincere desire to make clients happy.