Taylor Mineo

Network Technician

Taylor first set foot in Safety Net at an Industry Night Out event we hosted for NMC and the TBA Career Tech Center.  Eventually, she applied and interviewed for an internship.  She was so impressive we skipped that step and hired her full-time as a Support Services Specialist.  Her years of customer service experience have proven invaluable – her knowledge of tech stuff doesn’t hurt either!  After less than a year, Taylor was promoted to Network Technician.

Taylor is currently enrolled in the CIT program at NMC where she studies infrastructure.  Next on her list of things to do is test for Cisco certifications.  She has already earned her CompTIA A+ and several Microsoft certs.  Her school work doesn’t take up too much time, as she’s very efficient and focused on her goals.  When you have the pleasure of speaking with her, listen for the keys clicking in the background – she’s crazy fast (and accurate) on a keyboard.

She’s a problem solver by nature, which is where she finds the motivation to learn more and “tinker” with things until she feels better-equipped to tackle the next issue.  Taylor pursues things relentlessly, loving the reaction she gets when she improves a situation for someone.  Whether it’s helping a teammate achieve a goal in a video game, addressing an IT issue for a client, or cooking a huge Italian meal for friends and family – Taylor’s enthusiasm is contagious and her curiosity is refreshing.

Although she doesn’t like the stereotype, and she doesn’t openly appear to fit it, Taylor is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.  She only has two at this point, so we’ll do our best to help her keep that under control!

CompTIA A+, MTA 98-367 Security Fundamentals, MTA 98-365 Windows Server Admin