Tanner DeWalt

Desktop Deployment Technician

After attending Northwestern Michigan College, Tanner took the meaning of “up north” to a whole new level when he relocated to Alaska!  Seems like a pretty perfect place to call home when you have a love of snowboarding, fishing, and road trips.

A genuinely friendly guy with a passion for providing awesome service, Tanner was a logical choice to represent Safety Net on computer deployments to client sites.  Not only does he love learning from his peers (and life experiences), but he really enjoys teaching others how to use technology to their advantage.  Starting as a member of a certain squad at a certain store, he moved into consulting and account management.  It was upon his return to Michigan that Tanner took the plunge into IT – and he hasn’t looked back.

Someone who is always willing to help, and who works hard day in and day out, we’re confident Tanner will continue to make amazing contributions to Safety Net.  His best is yet to come – which is hard to believe given how great he’s been so far!