Sophia Masotti

Support Services Specialist

Sophia is the cheerful voice on the line when our clients call in with a support request, or the quick typing fingers replying to their chat support requests.  Her degree in Sociology from Albion College gives her the understanding required in sometimes stressful situations.  She knows how to get the information our team will need to do their job, while providing clients with outstanding service.

An organizational all-star, Sophia brings valuable office skills to the team that help processes work more smoothly.  She has experience managing everything from a sales team to Girl Scout volunteers.  Although her background is in social service, including time with AmeriCorps Vista, Sophia shows signs of being a geek at heart, which makes her a great fit on this team of professional geeks.

While not at work, she loves playing video and computer games, board games, and Dungeons & Dragons!  She also enjoys cooking and baking.  On the job, Sophia likes learning about tech stuff (geek-in-training), completing tickets, and being part of an awesome team.  She brings smiles to the faces of everyone around her with her sarcastic and witty nature.  When asked about any certifications she has, her response was pretty perfect, "None yet, just an A+ in life!"