Sol Orlowski 

Network Engineer

Most of us would consider ourselves the type of people who would help out in an emergency. Sol Orlowski has actually had the opportunity to do so! When his former employer’s building caught fire, Sol sprung into action moving their entire IT infrastructure to a different facility, preventing the equipment from potential smoke and water damage.

This is just one of the reasons that Sol was an ideal fit as a Deployment Engineer. With his diligent work ethic, Sol ensures all projects assigned to him are completed accurately, efficiently, and in a secure manner. With experience, training, and mentorship, Sol has moved up even further in the ranks - he celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Safety Net with a promotion to Network Engineer

Before joining Safety Net, Sol was an IT director for a Michigan county for over nine years. Prior to that, he was the IT Manager for Maple Ridge Supply, where he was responsible for computer and network diagnostics and repair for over six years. He studied Network Administration at Alpena Community College, and Computer Science at Northwestern Technical College. Sol also holds CompTIA A+, KCA, SCS-BE 2012 administrator, and Dell AppAssure certifications.

In his free time, Sol enjoys water sports like sailing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as mountain biking and exploring off the beaten path in his Jeep! His passion for problem solving has made him a relied-upon member of our team. Hopefully, Sol won’t need to help out with any more fires, but we do know that he can be counted on to take care of whatever that needs to be done.

CompTIA A+, KCA, SCS-BE 2012 Administrator, Dell AppAssure