Noel Henning

Network Administrator

The Force is strong in Noel Henning. We’re not sure whether he uses Jedi mind tricks or his awesome technical skills when assisting Safety Net’s clients. Or maybe he serenades them with music from his band Fallwell. Whatever his secret, we know that computers conform to his will, and our clients enjoy working with him because of his personable and friendly demeanor.

Noel has spent years perfecting his technology craft. He’s currently enrolled at Northwestern Michigan College (Traverse City) working toward an Associate’s degree in Computer Science and IT infrastructure. Early in his career, Noel interned in information technology at an Illinois manufacturing company, which piqued his interest. But, he first followed a career in retail management. A slight disturbance in the force told him this was not his destiny, and his love of technology drew him back into the fold.

Along with music and Star Wars, Noel enjoys working on his cars, going to movies with his family, and sharing in the camaraderie with this Safety Net peers. Clients may like that Noel is easy to talk to, but they most appreciate his fabulous work setting up their computers.

Some would say that Noel Henning’s career in IT was written in the stars. As Jedi Master Qui-Gon-Jinn once said “Your focus determines your reality.”

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