Nick Moreau

Desktop Deployment Technician

So much of IT support is done remotely these days.  For a guy like Nick Moreau, sitting at a desk, working behind the scenes just wouldn't be a great fit.  That's why he's part of our desktop deployment team!  Nick has a passion for working with his hands - from building most of his own wood furniture to setting up new computers and printers - he loves to tinker and solve problems.   Combine that with the genuine enjoyment he gets from helping people - and Safety Net + Nick = a perfect pair!

Nick came to Safety Net with a background in sound engineering and technology support.  He is a student at Ferris State and holds a degree from NMC.  He's quiet and observant - and quite honestly, he's a rock star in high-pressure situations.  We suspect he de-stresses during his long distance bicycle trips or while hanging out with his malti-poo.  Nick's calm and determined nature are a great addition to the team and he has quickly become a client favorite!

One day, Nick hopes to build his own house where he'll most definitely have a great kitchen to support his self-proclaimed foodie status.  We have no doubt he'll accomplish that goal - and we can't wait to see the finished product!